Committees 2019-2020

Bay Harbor Club has a committee structure that provides owner input and direction for managing the Bay Harbor Club complex. The committees are invaluable to maintaining and improving the property values and social life at Bay Harbor Club.

The committees are responsible for providing recommendations to the board for the board to implement. The activities of the committees are planning and organizing.

Committees are open to all owners and renters. Owners are encouraged to volunteer to serve on a committee in the area they have an interest. Please contact a Board member.

Social Committee
The purpose of the committee is to plan monthly social activities of interest to Bay Harbor Club residents, to seek a chairman for each activity, and to assist in its function. Cost for social events ae paid by all who participate with remaining money deposited in the BHC Special Projects checking account.

Donna McNeely, Chair Jane Beland Debbie Chartrand
Joan Argentero Chris Fennell Karen Olson
Brenda LaPerle Bonnie Vito  Kay Halverson
Wendy Kamman Sylvia Villegas  

Landscape Committee
The purpose of the committee is to identify, present, and implement improvements that involve shrubs, entry, and potted plants.

Gary Menchhofer, Chair Dina Wisniewski Kor DeBoer
Sylvia Villegas Chris Fennell Maria Urban

 Community Shared Spaces Committee
The purpose of the committee is to identify, present and implement improvements that enhance the pool area, clubhouse, lobbies, grill area and sun deck.

JoAnne Marlow, Chair Debbie Chartrand Kathy Elliott
Maggie Albers Diane Gordon Sue Barley
Karen Olson Jane Beland Dina Wisniewski
Kay Halverson    

Hurricane Preparedness Committee The purpose of the committee is to provide information to Bay Harbor Club residents to prepare for a possible hurricane alert.

Robert Ficarelli, Chair Gary Menchhofer  

Appeals Committee
The purpose of the committee is to hear and rule on an owner appealing for relief from a fine issued by the Bay Harbor Club Board.

Sue Barley  Mike Lynch Dina Wisniewski