Applications & Forms

Please use the latest version of all forms that are currently available here.

All forms and applications are to be submitted to:

    Bay Harbor Club of Bonita Beach Condominium Association
    c/o FirstService Residential      
    10600 Chevrolet Way, Suite 202
    Estero, FL 33928

    Or by Email at:

Unit Sales and Transfers are to be submitted to:

See the document below, "Estoppel and Condo Questionnaire Request Information", for information regarding obtaining an Estoppel or Condo Questionnaire.

Start Here - Forms to be Completed and When

Unit Occupancy

Owner Contact Information (Submit Online)


Owner Contact Information


Guest Notification (Submit Online)


Guest Notification


Tenant Occupancy Application

Home Watch Form - (Owner not in residence)


Home Watch Information (Submit Online) 


Vehicle Information (Owner Not In Residence)

Bicycle Registration (Owner's bicycles in kept storage rooms)


Door Entry FOB / Proximity Card Issue or Reauthorize



Pet Registration

Publish Personal Contact Information

 Consent to Disclosure of Limited Contact Information


Unit Sales and Transfers

Application for Approval for Sale or Transfer (Buyer or Transferee to Complete)

Estoppel and Condo Questionnaire Request Information

Boat Slip Sale or Transfer  (Unit Owner AND Buyer or Transferee to Complete)

Parking Space Sale or Transfer (Unit Owner to Complete)

Unit Approval Applications
   An Architectural Design Modification Request form MUST accompany
  all Unit Approval Applications

Architectural Design Modification Request

Application for Approval to Install Tile or Hard Surface Flooring

Application for Approval to Install Lanai Enclosure and/or Replace Windows and Sliders

Application for Approval to Install Hurricane Shutters

Application for Approval to Install Lanai Sun Shades


Boat Lifts

Boat Lift Installation, Alteration Or Removal 


Work Done For BHC Association 


Work Done For Unit Owner 


Insurance - Information That May Be Useful In Obtaining Condominium Insurance

Insurance Summary - 6/14/18

Insurance Appraisal - February 2019

Certificate of Property Insurance - 6/18

Certificate of Liability Insurance - 5/18

Wind Policy Declaration - 2018

Flood  Insurance Declaration - 2019

Fire & Sprinkler Certificate - Building I & II - June 2018

Sprinkler Letter - March 2018

Umbrella Policy Declaration

Wind Mitigation

There are two (2) reports for each building. One is on the Citizens Insurance form.  The other is on the Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection form. Photos are included in a separate file.

If you are insured with Citizens, use the “Citizens” wind mitigation report and photos. Otherwise use the “Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection” form and photos.

You will need to sign the last page of the report before sending it to your insurance agent.

Roof Wind Mitigation – Building I    April 18, 2013

Citizens Mitigation

Uniform Mitigation

Mitigation Photos

Roof Wind Mitigation – Building II    April 18, 2013

Citizens Mitigation
Uniform Mitigation
Mitigation Photos